Daugavpils Menu

<span>Daugavpils Menu</span>

Daugavpils menu was created in Daugavpils to combine typical dishes using traditional products of the region.  Chefs of Good Stay Dinaburg Spa hotel restaurant participated in this important event and created a specific and so far unprecedented dishes combining unique natural wealth and traditions.

Farmer’s Treat

Barley groats with porcini mushrooms and carrot puree 
PRICE: 6,00 

Ancient Tower a la DUNABURG

Potato pancakes pie with bacon and horseradish sauce
PRICE: 6,00 

Dessert "Dunaburg Castle Ruins"

Ice-cream and fruit dessert with walnuts  
PRICE: 4,00 €

TOP 2015
Salad „Daugavas Loki”    

Warm zander salad
CENA: 5,00 

TOP 2015
Dessert „Daugavpils Fusion”

Fresh fruit and berry cocktail
PRICE: 4,00 


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