Welcome to enjoy gourmet meals at our restaurant „Garšas Frekvence”!

Restaurant „Garšas Frekvence” menu

Arugula salad with tapenade, goat cheese and cherry tomato confit
Tiger prawns coated with crispy Panko crumbs, avocado salad and parmesan cheese
Sea trout tartare with quail egg, cucumber salsa and “melba” toasts
Crunchy croquettes with smoked bacon and parsnip purée
Beef ravioli with forest mushrooms and velouté sauce

Pumpkin cream soup with spicy goat cheese and pumpkin seed oil
Baltic fish soup with tomatoes and saffron

Tagliatelle with beef and chilli-lemongrass sauce
Papardelle with fish assorti in a creamy tomato sauce with pine nuts

Meat dishes
Filet Mignon steak with pearl barley risotto and gravy sauce
Panko crusted Guineafowl breast with amandine potatoes fried in duck fat and fresh salad
Lamb foreshank „confit” with  „ratatuille” and fried shallot chips
Latvian beef burger with baked potatoes and fresh salad
Calamari and tiger prawns pan fried in herbs with warm spinach salad and harissa sauce
Daily Catch (please ask your waiter) with potato purée, couscous and creamy „bisque” sauce

Vegetarian dishes
Pearl barley risotto with forest mushrooms, asparagus and truffle oil

Side dishes
Potato purée
Amandine potatoes fried in duck fat
Grilled vegetables wit „pesto” sauce
Warm spinach salad with cherry tomatoes

„Crème brûlée" with black currant balsam, fresh berries and candied orange peel
„Napoleon” cake with pear purée and berry sauce
Assorted ice cream with berries and meringue

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We wish you a Bon Appetite!